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Yes, it’s remarkably simple. With smart use of our data analytics, you can make smarter business decisions. Our science-based software – applicable to all industries and sectors – provides you with the efficient tools you’ll need to transform your biggest challenges into your biggest successes. Sphere-E is a complete software system for assessing the relative environmental and economic performance of building materials, helping professionals make better and more powerful buying decisions whilst working on their projects ;

Here’s how it works.

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We invite manufacturers to collectively share science-based data!
It’s what specifiers and purchasers want and will reward.

We invite you to realize that manufacturers making their science-based product
data available want to hear that specifiers and purchasers value your commitment to full transparency.

We invite you to recognize that by using science-based data and data analytics
on building materials, you can optimize the economic and environmental performance of your structures

We invite you to use science-based product data to evaluate material options in all phases of a project to support your clients in advancing cost and environmental project performance.

Quality Data Reporting

It’s Really That Simple!

Our Data Quality Team assesses to what extent the product LCA meets guidelines and requirements of relevant ISO product standards and is transparent in its use of LCA methodology. As a result, each product reviewed is placed in one of five spheres, with those meeting all requirements of ISO 14025 for an Environmental Product Declaration being placed in the top sphere, and those products with no publicly available LCA data placed in the lowest sphere.

Handmade Quality

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Sphere-E is a complete software system for assessing the relative environmental and economic performance of building materials;

Enter A World of Efficiency

First Person Clips With Data Professionals

Collaboration :31

Johannes Kreissig of the German Green Building Council
speaks about Sphere-E collaboration.

Efficiency  :41

Eva Schmincke of Thinkstep speaks about Sphere-E Efficiency

Leadership :42

Erin McDade of Architecture 2030 speaks about
Sphere-E Leadership

“Sphere-E wades through messy, complicated information and turns it into a robust, user-friendly online platform that allows users to make the most efficient, accurate and actionable decisions about product selection.”

Erin McDade2030 Challenge for Products

“One of the biggest contributions Sphere-E makes …is to bring together the ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers and purchasers to make the system, easy-to-use and professionally productive.”

Johannes KreissigFounder, PE International

“Data in Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations is dense and complicated to the average user and can be onerous. The Sphere-E tool takes complicated technical data and delivers it in a format professionals need to effectively integrate sustainability into product selection.”

Christina MackenDirector of Programs Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

“Sphere E is a product that promises to give design professionals the embodied carbon information they need. It is an exciting example of the progress we’re making towards transformation of the built environment.”

Edward MazriaFounder & CEO, Architecture 2030