Big Data. Bold Analytics. Business Value.

How does the Sphere-E tool help do this? It provides you with a science-based system for selecting materials, products and services that optimize the cost and environmental sustainability performance of your construction projects. Designed to be used easily with other tools, the Sphere-E software provides valuable data analytics to drive business decisions.


Simplifying Sustainability

Why trust Sphere-E’s processes and reports?
We include in our databases only science-based data that meets the product standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We use only evidence-based data in our analytics applied to products and services. The US Patent & Trademark Office recognized the uniqueness of our processes with a comprehensive patent.

What Leaders Are Saying


“Sphere-E’s software meets a real need for up-to-date and expert vetted information on the life cycle environmental impacts and costs of materials.”

 – Barrett Hazeltine, Dean Emeritus, Brown University School of Engineering


“The Sphere*E tool takes complicated technical data and delivers it in a format professionals need to effectively integrate sustainability into product selection.”

– Christina Macken, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council


“One of the biggest contributions Sphere-E makes …is to bring together the ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers and purchasers to make the system, easy-to-use and professionally productive.”

– Johannes Kreissig, VP Building & Construction, thinkstep