Simplifying Sustainability

“With smart use of our data analytics and visualizations, you can simplify sustainability reporting. Our science-based software- applicable to all industries and sectors- provides you with an efficient system to transform some of your biggest challenges into your biggest successes.”


Simplify & Succeed

Align with Global Best Practices in Sustainable Purchasing

As many organizations allocate over 50% of their operating budgets to the procurement of products and services, buying sustainably is smart. We can customize our software to enable you to meet the guidelines of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council developed by a broad group of stakeholders.

Participate in our INNOVATE PROGRAM in Q1 of 2017

By participating in our INNOVATE program, you’ll see how to efficiently optimize the economic and environmental performance of business and building projects.

We’ll provide a compelling case study of how you’ve used the Leadership Benchmarks™ to move forward boldly in meeting your big sustainability goals.

What Leaders Are Saying


“Sphere*E is a product that promises to give design professionals the embodied carbon information they need. It is an exciting example of the progress we’re making towards transformation of the built environment.”

 – Edward Mazria, Founder & CEO, Architecture 2030


“The Sphere*E tool takes complicated technical data and delivers it in a format professionals need to effectively integrate sustainability into product selection.”

– Christina Macken, Sustainable Leadership Counsil


“One of the biggest contributions Sphere-E makes …is to bring together the ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers and purchasers to make the system, easy-to-use and professionally productive.”

– Johannes Kreissig, a founder of thinkstep