Simplifying Sustainability

Sphere-E’s breakthrough software enables you to simplify sustainability reporting while effectively and efficiently using science-based data. Our innovative and rigorous data analytics will support optimizing the economic and environmental performance of your construction projects. Together we will empower efficient and healthy communities.


Simplify & Succeed

Our state-of-the-art data analytics transforms complex product data into easily-understood and actionable data visualizations. These processes enable all types of enterprises to report how their purchase of of key materials has improved project sustainability performance. Together we will support the well-being of people living and working in communities.

What Leaders Are Saying


“Sphere-E’s software meets a real need for up-to-date and expert vetted information on the life cycle environmental impacts and costs of materials.”

 – Barrett Hazeltine, Dean Emeritus, Brown University School of Engineering


“The Sphere*E tool takes complicated technical data and delivers it in a format professionals need to effectively integrate sustainability into product selection.”

– Christina Macken, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council


“One of the biggest contributions Sphere-E makes …is to bring together the ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers and purchasers to make the system, easy-to-use and professionally productive.”

– Johannes Kreissig, VP Building & Construction, thinkstep