Simplifying Sustainability for Building Design & Construction ™

Sphere-E has developed an innovative suite of data analytic and visualizationtools that will empower you to measure the economic and environmental performance of a project or an entire portfolio of projects. This software features science-based LCA data on key materials used to produce a cost/environmental sustainability performance assessment on key products.

If the products you are considering are not in our database of 60,000 building materials, we’ll work together to add that data. You’ll provide us with a list of the manufacturers and their products. We’ll provide your vendors with a template enabling them to easily submit the relevant product data to be in our database. By working together, we’ll be able to apply our data analytics and data visualization processes to the products you are considering.

Sphere-E’s team of experts develops leadership benchmarks and leverages them to arrive at robust comparisons of the environmental performance of products serving the same function. Their data analytics transform complex product data into easily-understood and actionable visualizations.  With use of the data analytics and visualizations, an architect, engineer or building contractor can simplify sustainability reportingto improve thebottom line.

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