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Sphere-E is standing strong on our commitment to do everything we can as a young software firm to support all diverse enterprises in transforming climate change challenges to climate resilience, while achieving greater profitability. As a US- based software firm, we believe it is possible for companies, educational institutions and government agencies of all sizes to measure and report the embodied energy used in the thousands of products and services they procure every year without jeopardizing their financial success. On the contrary, when companies use science-based data to conduct cost/environmental performance, they will realize stronger financial performance.

“Understanding the threats posed by climate change and extreme weather are critical to protecting people, homes, businesses and livelihoods” notes Janet Ranganathan at the World Resources Institute. WRI is leading the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) that includes Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other corporations committed to using science-based targets to measure and report improved Climate Resilience.   

We can all benefit from the valuable leadership work of the enterprises participating in the PREP program and add to it when we use science-based data to select the most sustainable products in the marketplace.

There is much valuable work being done by many organizations resulting in many new, useful IT resources, ; ranging from the certification programs on climate and water reductions of CDP, to  renewable energy use reporting of the Center for Resource Solutions, to expanded materiality disclosures required by the Global Reporting Initiative. Many more initiatives, some from smaller enterprises, hold the potential to help us all contribute to a more sustainable world.  As Sphere-E is deeply committed to being a productive collaborator, we welcome ideas for how future versions of our proprietary SaaS software can be shaped to support a circular economy in which product development, use and re-use is a compelling force around the globe.


Richard Sellers, Chair

Deborah Dunning, Founder

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