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Sphere*E Board of Directors

Just a Little More About Us  

As our Board is responsible for the company’s strategic business, financial and governance decisions, it meets frequently and needs to be small and flexible to work efficiently. Our responsibilities and required procedures are set forth in the company’s by-laws, copies of which can be requested from our secretary.

There are three directors, each of whom provides expert knowledge in one of more of these key areas.


Richard Sellers, Chair

Rick is an accomplished leader and well-recognized leader in the fields of renewable and distributed energies. He has over 30 years of international experience in the clean energy sector with leadership work in new and renewable energy technology, business development and international market development. He was previously the Head of the New and Renewable Energy Unit at the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, France, responsible for developing a strategy for accelerating renewable energy markets worldwide, as well as overseeing the coordination of member-countries R&D. He has advised many government agencies on clean and renewable energy technology and launched a number of solar and biofuels businesses in various parts of the globe. Most relevant is Rick’s international experience in developing commercialization strategies and translating them into revenue development programs. As Sphere*E’s Chief Executive Office, he is leading the company with his skills in executive management, strategy and business development, partnership structuring and coordination.

Edmund Loiselle, Secretary & Treasurer

Ed is an experienced CPA and owner of the D’Amico-Loiselle Ltd accounting firm in Providence, Rhode Island with clients ranging from large to small corporations alongside not for profit organization. His firm offers a broad range of services including: Accounting software conversion and implementation; Management and control systems; Financial planning; College education funding planning; Retirement distribution planning; Trustee, executor, and administrator service. Ed’s primary role on the Board is to bring to the attention of all Board members financial issues and opportunities that will have a significant impact on the company’s ability to grow the business and to meet Sphere*E’s commitments to all of its stakeholders: businesses, government agencies and institutions using our software system to optimize and balance the economic and environmental impacts of their activities as well as our shareholders.


Deborah Dunning, Member at Large

Deborah invented the underlying software processes in the patent awarded by the USPTO for a comprehensive product and service performance data management and analytics system. Based on her work for 10 years as President of the The Green Standard – an NGO providing education and training on product performance evaluation – she saw the need for a new kind of software that would make science-based data efficient for diverse professionals to use to balance economic and environmental considerations. Deborah has served in sustainable product standards workgroups for the carpet and furniture industries as well in the U. S. Green Building Council’s “LCA into LEED.” She was guest editor for the GREEN GUIDE TO NEOCON, winner of the 2007 Edie Award for best magazine supplement, based on outstanding content. Deborah serves currently as the company’s Chief Technology Officer whose responsibility it is to consider suggestions from board and consultants into useful technology solutions.


When making key decisions, the Directors seek comments and recommendations from voting shareholders. As well we invite feedback from consultants and parties with non-voting shares.

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