Management Team

Richard Sellers, Chair

A globally-recognized and accomplished leader in the fields of renewable and distributed energies, Rick Sellers brings strong strategy and business development experience to the Board and The Management Committee as Chair of Sphere-E Inc. He has served in executive positions in key for profit and not-for-profit enterprises engaged in advancing sustainability.

For the International Energy Agency in Paris, Rick created a new renewable energy program designed to increase the rate of renewable, distributed and clean energy market growth. During his six years at IEA, he headed up a renewable energy market acceleration for the Secretariat for the G8 Renewable Energy Task Force in 2001.

As one of the Founders the Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco, a North American leader in energy efficiency programs, including the widely used Green-E Program, Rick served as Vice Chair for a period when he was also serving as Executive Director of the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Training Institute in Washington, D. C.

More recently Rick has focused on work in the private sector where he can apply his strategy and business development capabilities to support next generation energy and technology business opportunities to advance sustainability. He chairs Nova Power SA, a firm creating a pipeline of PV projects along with Sphere-E, Inc.
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Jonathan Estes, Business Value Director

A national thought leader on using technology to achieve business value, Jonathan Estes has written white papers on the challenges and opportunities for Deloitte and IBM. His book SMART GREEN: HOW TO IMPLEMENT SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES IN ANY INDUSTRY provides “a great resource for small to mid-size enterprises ….to make measurable improvement in performance.”

Jonathan brings a balanced perspective on economic and environmental issues coupled with a focus on using technology to drive behavioral change and deliver business value. His strategy is to use both science-based data and evidence-based analytic processes to support public and private sector enterprises in enhancing the sustainability performance of projects and portfolios.

In addition to his role as Project Director for a contract of the US Government Services Administration (GSA) for ‘Using LCA in Federal Procurement,” Jonathan has served in executive positions for several firms, including: Green Diamond Solutions (business intelligence for the US government); Facilities Solutions Group (energy efficiency consulting.

Simultaneously with serving as our Business Value Director, Jonathan serves as CEO for the firm he founded Smart Games Systems – a partner of Sphere-E poised to provide training for companies licensing our software and seeking to support staff in using it efficiently and fully.
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Deborah Dunning, Technology Innovation Director

A national thought leader on how to design technology that makes the use of science-based data and evidence based analytics so it is easy to understand and use, Deborah has been engaged in creating related education, technology and training programs for the past 16 years. Since 2012 she has served as either CEO or CTO of Sphere-E, Inc. as well as its patent inventor.

In 2000, Deborah led a design team engaged by the US Environmental Protection Agency to create a 3000 square-foot exhibit on how life cycle assessment (LCA) data can be used to make the selection of materials used in building projects more sustainable. The ‘EPA KnowRoom” traveled to 3 major universities after being exhibited for 18 months at the New EPA Campus.

In 2006 Deborah was invited by Interiors & Sources to develop and a special supplement to their magazine to encourage architects, engineers and building contractors in learning about the added value of selecting materials based on their environmental performance. The resulting 50-page educational resource -TheGreen Guide to NeoCon –won the top Edie award in 2007 for a magazine supplement.

Since 2010 Deborah has been focused creating technology to support public agencies, private businesses and NGOs in selecting the most sustainable products and services available in the marketplace in which they are located. She is a Sphere-E founder and wrote the patent behind Sphere-E’s data analytics processes.
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